About Us

Sports have always been an important feature in my life, and I bet that this is true for many people around the world, too. Especially with the pandemic looming over us from the past couple of years, more people turned to sports for a sense of hope and togetherness. 

Hi, my name is Steven Anderson and I am passionate about all sports - from soccer to ice hockey, basketball to baseball. 

Since I was a young child, I would always spend time with my father watching any sports match that we could find about town. We didn’t have the sports channels, so we would just drive around until we found something! 

Once I got older and began being able to afford the sports channels on my own, I have been hooked ever since. Sports are always there for me, no matter what is going on in my life. So, I love researching all about it and talking about it to anyone who will listen. 

If you’ve found your way onto my website, then I’m betting that we have our admiration of sports in common. So, stick around and learn anything that interests you from my online library. If you’re interested in having a conversation, I’m always up for meeting people in the comments! 

About Us